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In a somewhat bizarre turn of events, a group of individuals on Reddit who make a habit of photographing women without their consent are now lashing out after having their own privacy threatened. The story has evolved quickly over the course of the week, but it does pose some interesting questions about who should know what about whom online.

The ' CreepShots ' sub-Reddit was devoted to posting pictures of women online, taken without the consent of the photos' subjects. Many of the photos were of women in the Toronto area, supposedly taken by a Toronto man who moderates the CreepShots forum on Reddit and goes by the online alias CreeperComforts. The user CreeperComforts has since removed the 'creepshots' posts linked with his profile. In a sample past entry, the Sun reports, CreeperComforts included the following comment about a woman bent over in a park: "See, this is an example of an upskirt that is perfectly legal to post because the goods are plainly visible to the general public.

Circumstances like this are rare, cherish them! Police say it is legal to take photos of people in public, but as The Globe and Mail points out, if you ask a website to remove a photo posted of you, they'll generally comply. This story took a turn when a Tumblr popped up called Predditorsaiming to make public the names and personal information including Facebook pages, location, marital status and occupation, Huffington Post reports of those who had been posting to the CreepShots sub-Reddit.

It was briefly taken down but as Jezebel reports, Tumblr reinstated the blog as it was deemed not to violate any terms of service. This was the statement issued by Tumblr:. We are restoring the blog. Between the original CreepShots sub-Reddit and the Predditors Tumblr, the moral question looms large as to what information about others is deemed appropriate to post online, even if it is in the public domain.

Both CreepShots and Predditors contextualized publicly available material in a way that could potentially put the well-being of those involved at risk. While it remains unclear what the future of this Tumblr will be, Reddit has taken a stand against Gawker on the limits of online privacy, a final twist to this story. Gawker journalist Adrian Chen began investigating Redditor Violentacrez, who set up sub-forums covering topics like bestiality, rape fantasy, under-age porn and upskirt photos, The Guardian reports.

Violentacrez recently joined the CreepShots sub-Reddit as a moderator, too. The ban has been put in place by Reddit moderators, not by administrators or officials of the site. News Home. Follow Us. Tori Floyd Editor. The Right Click October 12, CreepShots: Publishing photos of women anonymously online The ' CreepShots ' sub-Reddit was devoted to posting pictures of women online, taken without the consent of the photos' subjects.

This was the statement issued by Tumblr: "This blog was mistakenly suspended under the impression that it was revealing private, rather than publicly-available, information. Gawker vs Reddit: When personal information leaks go too far While it remains unclear what the future of this Tumblr will be, Reddit has taken a stand against Gawker on the limits of online privacy, a final twist to this story.

Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting. What to Read Next. The Guardian. The Independent.

Reuters Videos. Yahoo News. Yahoo Life. Yahoo News Canada.Reddit has shut down its popular but infinitely tasteless subreddits, "creepshots" and "creepsquad" after a creepshot of Jezebel journalist Katie J.

Baker made it to the front page of the "creepsquad" subreddit.

Is Anais' Behavior Creepier Than The Creep Squad? - Messiness \u0026 Mimosas - Love \u0026 Hip Hop: New York

The fiasco comes on the heels of a highly-publicized flap between reddit and Gawker, after Gawker journalist Adrian Chen's investigation of an infamous user of the subreddit who went by the handle, Violentacrez. According to the The Guardianthat user "set up hundreds of sub-forums where users post links and images including bestiality, rape fantasy, under-age porn and upskirt photos.

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Thankfully, as of Thursday night, these forums are no more. From now on, users who frequented these subreddits will have to get off the old-fashioned way — by getting laid. However, this could be problematic for those users:. Given that the vast majority of reddit users hide behind fake names, it can be tough to ascertain an accurate demographic picture of them. But here are some general figures courtesy of PR Daily :. Pretty shocking, huh?

I'd also be interested to know the percentage of creepshot redditors who live with their parents, spend several hours a day playing video games, and engage in other activities completely anathema to satisfying their constantly frustrated schoolboy sexual fantasies such as getting a woman to finally touch their wee-wee.

By Michael Luciano.

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However, this could be problematic for those users: Given that the vast majority of reddit users hide behind fake names, it can be tough to ascertain an accurate demographic picture of them.This all happened after Reddit retaliated against Jezebel's Katie J. Baker, posting a photo of her to CreepSquad that made it to the front page of the subreddit. Redditors say that site led to the assault of one of its members they also like the idea of keeping their anonymityhence the backlash.

These two things are certainly related, as this is about keeping certain content on Reddit without having real people's identities linked to the users posting this content.

Baker didn't seem to mind having her picture up for all Redditors to see. So far, in fact, both Chen and Baker got what they wanted. Violentzcrez is no more, and CreepSquad was taken down after one day on the Internet. It doesn't sound like Gawker writers are losing sleep over their lost page views, for which they still get bonuses, either, with Jezebel's Eric Gloria Ryan tweeting the following:.

These underbellies exist just fine until the world discovers them, and then with enough pressure, they don't. The jailbait section, for example, didn't get taken down until Anderson Cooper brought the site to the world's attention on CNN. Search News Search web. Rebecca Greenfield. Story continues. Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting.

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r creepsquad

Associated Press. Business Insider. Entertainment Weekly. Yahoo Celebrity. ABC News. Women's Health. NBC News.When will men finally get a space all their own in which to enjoy the splendor of the Internet?

Actually, there is a place for dudes! Among all the other places for dudes. Overall, men are twice as likely as women to use reddit. Even among those 50 and older, more men are on reddit than women. Not savvy to Creepshots aka CandidFashionPolice? There will always be frenzied agitators who are just mashing away on their keyboard, trying to outrage people.

Naturally, redditors responded by calling Ohanian a cunt and accusing him of hating free speech. But the management team set reddit up to be dude-friendly. The site even went so far as to award a trophy for "worst reddit" to Violentacrez--arguably the worst troll on the Internet--for his rape jokes, creepshots, and--at one point--a picture of a woman being brutally beaten in a subreddit called "beating women.

Boys will be boys! Here's a trophy, ya little scamp! But when Gawker had the audacity to unveil the identity of odious troll Violentacrez as year-old Texas programmer Michael Brutsch, reddit banned all Gawker links from the site for doxxing or exposing someone's information online --in effect sending the message to redditors that rape jokes and pictures of women being beaten are okay, but holding someone accountable for those posts is not okay. The subreddits have since been banned and reddit CEO Yishan Wong lifted the ban on Gawker links because even he had to admit that it's a little hypocritical to rally for free speech while banning news links from your site because you don't like what they reported.

But the damage has been done. Welcome, dudes! Enjoy your stay! Outpatient procedures are on the rise as patient convenience and safety are in demand. The company uses UV lights to eliminate nearly of bacteria and germs. The study found a split between news-affiliated channels and independent personalities.The early criticism of Google Glass—that it's for assholesthat it will lead to a dystopian Panopticon nightmare —is mostly well-founded.

But what everyone has glossed over in their opening salvos is, I think, the most immediate and obvious problem Google Glass will precipitate: Once these things stop being a rich-guy novelty and start actually hitting the streets, the rise in creepshots is going to be worse than any we've ever seen before. You know creepshots. Those are the surreptitiously snapped photographs of women-many of them very young women-made famous after becoming one of the most widely discussed and contested parts of Reddit, the internet's favorite free-for-all.

For a while creepshots had their own subreddit on which men would gather to share sneakily photographed breasts and asses. There were women with their families at zoos, and women relaxing on beaches. Eventually the original "Creepshots" subreddit was bannedas was a copycat subreddit called "Creepsquad," and another copycat called "Cshots. Twitter now has multiple creepshots feedsand the Tumblr "creepshots" tag is lousy with smartphone pictures of butts.

Even Reddit is back to hosting a creepshots subreddit, albeit under the guise of being a space for fashion criticism called "CandidFashionPolice" it's surely only coincidence that so many women's outfits are photographed from behind, from the waist down.

Up until now, obtaining a creepshot has been a relatively simple endeavor, but one not entirely without risk. The ubiquitous nature of smartphones and the way people constantly engage with them are developments that ensure hardly anyone anymore gets suspicious when someone comes near them holding a recording device—they're probably just checking Facebook, right? Still, there's only so long a person can hold their iPhone at an awkward angle, and only so close they can get to you, before you realize that they're photographing you and you put a stop to it.

This is where, in the right hands, Google Glass has the potential to be one of the more devious pieces of technology yet created. Because Glass allows a person to photograph and videotape whatever they're looking at, hands free, the potential for creepshots skyrockets.

When in the wrong person's possession, Google Glass could make it so virtually every interaction a man has throughout the day becomes a creepshot, from staring down a cashier's top at breakfast, to leering at his coworker's cleavage, to glancing over at his daughter's teacher's ass after picking his kid up from school. Worse still, these women will have no idea they're being photographed for some dude's spank bank, because instead of a weirdo coming at them holding up a phone, they'll just see a normal guy—their friend, their regular customer, their tennis partner—looking at them how they always do.

To hear men like Mark Hurst—president of the tech-consulting agency Creative Good and Glass doomsayer-in-chief —express terror at the next-level eavesdropping abilities Google Glass affords is reasonable to a degree, but they're mostly just flattering themselves. Perhaps a celebrity like George Clooney should shudder at the thought of how Glass will make his life even more scrutinized than it already is, but the average man just isn't interesting enough, at least not in the way that would find strangers on the subway desperate to record their every move.

The real victims of Google Glass are going to be women, who have long suffered the ogles of strange men. Glass, however, is going to supercharge those ogles, turning them into images that can last a lifetime on an unfamiliar person's computer, only to be passed around the creepshots forums that currently exist and ones that have yet to be birthed. Men are already taking advantage of women every day with their bulky smartphones.

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When the cameras are sitting snugly and indiscreetly on their faces, it will only get worse. When I emailed Google to ask about the impending explosion of creepshots in the wake of Glass, a spokesperson gave me this statement: "It is still very early days for Glass, and we expect that as with other new technologies, such as cell phones, behaviors and social norms will develop over time.

The statement is right, if only because a social norm is a far cry from a social good. When cellphones were first released, who could have expected that eventually they'd be used to shoot secret photos of young women that men would then share on the internet and masturbate to? I expect nothing less from Google Glass. Image credit via YouTube.

Are there laws that protect private citizens from having their pictures taken without their permission? If no such laws exist, then we have no defense against this, as least none that are legal.

Predditors: New Tumblr Outs People Who Post 'Creepshots' To Reddit (UPDATE)

Everything you need to know about and expect during. The A. Cord Jefferson. Filed to: Google glass. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.On the train.

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In line at the pharmacy. Even in class. You really never know when someone might snap a picture of you, add a sleazy comment and post it to a highly trafficked site like Reddit to be ogled at by strangers. Don't believe it? It actually happens a lot. CreepShots, a forum on Reddit devoted to photos taken of women without their knowledge or consent, was recently embroiled in controversy after a teacher was fired for posting a picture of his underage student.

However CreepSquad, another comparable site, has already cropped up in its place.

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Now, a new Tumblr blog hopes to give creepsters a taste of their own medicine. Predditors -- a play on 'Redditors,' a nickname for users of the site -- posts personal information about CreepShots submitters, including photos, Facebook pages, marital status, location and occupation, and any other identifying details found by sleuthing on the Internet.

According to Jezebel, the creator of the site is a year old woman who wants posters to be held accountable for their creepiness. These fuckers think they can get away with it scot free, which is one of the reasons why sexual violence is so prevalent around the world. But some people see a bit of hypocrisy in fighting fire with fire.

One Reddit user, who did not want to be named, said he thought labeling users as "sexual predators" was unfair. Links to the Tumblr account were down on Thursday morning. Users are sounding off about the presumed takedown. You can read their reactions here. As some of you may know, a prominent member of Reddit's community, Violentacrez, deleted his account recently.

This was as a result of a 'journalist' seeking out his personal information and threatening to publish it, which would have a significant impact on his life.

You can read more about it here. As moderators, we feel that this type of behavior is completely intolerable.

Reddit Creepshots: King of Reddit Perverts Identified as Michael Brutsch

We volunteer our time on Reddit to make it a better place for the users, and should not be harassed and threatened for that. We should all be afraid of the threat of having our personal information investigated and spread around the internet if someone disagrees with you. Reddit prides itself on having a subreddit for everything, and no matter how much anyone may disapprove of what another user subscribes to, that is never a reason to threaten them.

At least 10 other Reddit sub-forums have followed suit.Log In Log In Register.

r creepsquad

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